Pure Taste Brand Guidelines Booklet

RLear_PureTaste_Booklet.pdf-1RLear_PureTaste_Booklet.pdf-2RLear_PureTaste_Booklet.pdf-3  RLear_PureTaste_Booklet.pdf-4

TASK:  In a collaboration with the Business degree students, design a branding booklet for their company with a mission statement, logo, target market and print ad.

APPROACH:  For this collaborative group task, I was paired up with 3 girls who had created a small business called Pure Taste. The idea behind the company was healthy alternatives to cooking and baking in meausred quantities to avoid wastage.

For this booklet, I wanted to design something that was asthetically pleasing as it was based around food, as well as a booklet that featured pictures so views could understand some of its products.

I chose a picture of a child and mother cooking for the print ad with the headline ‘All the goodness and taste, without the waste’, as it is quick, explainatory and relevant.

Pure Taste Brand Guidelines Booklet

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