Helga’s Quinoa Brand Booklet

Qunioa Brand BookletRobyn Lear_58440_assignsubmission_file_RLear_InDesignAssessment3_Quinoa.pdf-2

Robyn Lear_58440_assignsubmission_file_RLear_InDesignAssessment3_Quinoa.pdf-3Robyn Lear_58440_assignsubmission_file_RLear_InDesignAssessment3_Quinoa.pdf-4

TASK: Create a four page direct mailout for Helga’s Quinoa Bread using Adobe InDesign. Integrate into your layout, photos, copy and logo. Follow brand guidelines for colour and typography.

APPROACH: I used some of the photographs given to us, but also used my own photos to create a natural earthly feel of the booklet and keep it relevant to the product we were advertising. I editted the opacity and transparancy of the text boxes so the pages weren’t loud with noise, and also used a few selected photos to create a balance with the text and information provided. I then added the logo so the reader knew what purpose of the direct mailout was for.

Helga’s Quinoa Brand Booklet

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