Dr Suess – Illustrator

'Dr Suess' - Illustrator


TASK: Choose a typeface. Define it’s character and write a short paragraph describing it as a person. Use this text as artwork to create a typographical A4 poster using only the letterforms of the typeface. The design should visually represent the character of the typeface.

APPROACH: This illustration is a representation of Cat in the Hat from Dr. Suess. I chose three basic colours to create this piece. Black for the outline and shadow, red for the filling and white for blank spaces. This was highly challenging and took much patience and accuracy. This typography exercise took a tota of 35 hours to complete. To create the outline of the hat, I attached a layer underneath and crafted each letter around for shape. I then used red lettering for depth and a greater appeal to my work.

Dr Suess – Illustrator

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